The project is in line with the principles of Bologna process which aims at creating a European Area for Higher Education through a common new degree system, a European dimension to quality assurance and the recognition of degrees and study periods abroad. Project wider objective is to create a new breed of multidisciplinary Information-Communication Technologies engineers in the Smart City(SC) technologies by harmonizing Kazakhstan (KZ), Mongolian (MN), Russian (RU) education with the EU one and provide double degree recognition through development and introduction the Double Degree Master Program in SC. Project specific objective is to harmonize the KZ-MN-RU Master Programs in SC with the EU Master Programs in SC and provide students of Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Russian universities with the opportunity to study the Double Degree EU-KZ-MN-RU Master Program in SC both in Russian, Kazakhstan, Mongolian and EU universities and to obtain Double Degrees: KZ,MN,RU Master degree in SC and Master Degree of one of the EU universities participated in the project.

Duration: 15 November 2018 - 14 November 2021