Project’s objectives
August 2021
-Strengthening of the collaboration between business and universities in partner countries
-Dissemination of the new Master curriculum, new methodology, teaching materials and methods among ICT academic and business community in partner countries
March 2020
To establish the International hybrid learning space based on modern content,educational technologies and methods by March 2020
November 2019
To develop a quality assurance mechanisms ensuring the quality of Smart City Technologies training by November 2019
August 2019
Develop new Master curriculum in Smart City Technologies by August 2019
June 2019
Upgrade teachers skills with modern methods of teaching and learning by June 2019
Download Schedule of SSTU Center of Excellence Activities
Final Conference (hosted by ENU)
25-29 of October 2021 Mongolian Partners (NUM & MUST) offered Summer School in Smart City Technologies where they shared experience in research & educational projects in Smart City Technologies as well as the results in the double-diplomas development achieved
Report on the SSTU Center of Excellence Activities
On October 15, within the framework of ErasmusDay2021, an international WorkShop hold on the basis of the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University
NSTU students successfully passed the on-line Master dissertation defense at Chemnitz University of Technology
NUM, MUST students successfully defended their Master dissertation at Riga Technical University
Summer School in the Smart City Technologies & Internet of Things took place at KAZNU in on-line format. Teachers & Master students of the Partner universities took active part in it
The COVID-19 Pandemic has impacted our project and many actions had to be postponed or rethought. The 2nd teachers training in Europe, initially planned for Spring 2020, had finally took place online in April 2021
The regional seminar "Information technologies in technical systems" was held on March 5-16, 2021 at the Novosibirsk State Technical University as part of the scientific session of NSTU
Riga Technical University offered the short-term training for the mongolian teachers from MUST and NUM - 8 teachers passed special training in the MS double-diploma education
Erasmus+ monitoring visit to SSTU
Partner universities’ staff took part in training seminars on e-learning systems and online assessment tools
Partner universities’ staff took part in training seminars on e-learning systems and online assessment tools
Summer School "Smart City Today and Tomorrow" at Novosibirsk State Technical University
Project's Coordination Meeting
Teachers from Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Russia has visited ATEI, Thessaloniki and TUS, Bulgaria for intensive training in double-degree master program development, content & methodology
Partner universities’ staff have visited Technical University of Sofia (Bulgaria) for study of existing systems of quality assurance in Master training
1-5 of April 2019 Top-managers of the Partner universities (15 deans, heads of the academic activities) took part in the project’s seminar at Riga Technical University where the possibilities of the double- degree Master Program were discussed
11-16 of March the participants took part in the training at the Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki (Greece) where there was presented the MS Program in the Smart City Technologies, MS Program in the Information & Communication Technologies.
At the University of Applied Science of Salzburg (Austria) was held the training session for the senior academic administrators. 17 representatives (vice-rectors, deans, vice-deans) of Russian, Mongolian, Kazakhstan universities
28-29 of Jan. 2019
Dr. Milka Vicheva, coordinator of the project and Dr. Olga Dolinna, coordinator of the partners activities took part on the coordination meeting for ERASMUS +Capacity Building projects in Brussels. The aim was to get the latest information concerning the project's management and financial reporting. The project's activities were discussed also with Mrs. Olga Oleynikova, NEO Russia.
17-18 Dec. 2018
Kick-off meeting and the project’s conference was held at Saratov, SSTU 17-18 December 2018. Representatives of all partners took part at the meeting. All partners presented their institutions and discussed all project’s activities. The plan for the first year activities was developed. Project’s management committee (for the aim of project’s management) was organized